ExistenzMaximum - LAb[au]

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lecture LAb[au], Manuel Abendroth

KU-Leuven, architecture
Leuven, Belgium

lecture organised in the context of:
ExistenzMaximum week
17.03 - 20.03.2003

about the lecture:
the lecture will explore electronic space and networks as architecture - information
architecture within its setting in the general frame of cultural signforms and new space constructs


ExistenzMaximum is an architectural week, organised by students civil engineer-architect at the university of Louvain, this year the eigth edition takes place from the 17th until 20th of march. The event is organized in corporation with the (A.S.R.O.) and the cultural commission of the university. During this week, workshops, lectures, excurision, e.tc... are taking place.

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