COSIGN 2003 - LAb[au]

conference about
Computational Semiotics in Games and New Media

10.09 - 12.09.2003
University of Teesside, Middlesbrough
United Kingdom

featuring a conference and paper presentation presenting:
en 3+4 jeu x3, interactive scenic device under the title of:
from text to intertextuality
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keynote speakers includes:
Ernest Adams, Marc Cavazza, and Lev Manovich

about COSIGN

COSIGN 2003 is the third international conference on Computational Semiotics for Games and New Media, and will take place at the University of Teesside on the 9th - 12th September, 2003. The previous two COSIGN conference have been held at the CWI, Holland, and the University of Augsburg, Germany.

COSIGN 2003 will be the largest COSIGN event yet, and promises the same vibrant, cross-disciplinary, mixture of computer science and art that it has become famous for. The theme of the conference is, as always, issues of meaning in new media, particularly the way in which semiotic-based theories can be applied to creating and analysing computer-based media.

paper abstract:

The following text by the digital performing arts company res publica, confronts theatre from a practical perspective with an approach informed by theory of communication. The first part of the article introduces res publica's point of view concerning performing art. This serves as a methodological framework for the analysis of the recent work "Enjeux" (Inplay), an interactive scenic device.

Scenic device, semiotics, digital scenography, scenic interface, hypertext, interaction

General Terms:
Documentation, dance, theatre, digital media, technology

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