ADSL 2003 - LAb[au]

ADSL _ Antwerp Design Seminars and Lecture

Henry van de Velde institute
Antwerp school for architecture
Antwerp, Belgium

featuring a workshop by LAb[au]:
MetaDeSign _ CONSTRUCTions

about the workshop:
The title combines different words:
e = electronic
espace = space in french which gives the following reading:
electronic space = espace =
construct = concept
construction = practice

The workshop deals on the specificities in the conception and production of electronic space as a new field of investigation in spatial constructs combining codes / language drawn from communication and information sciences - cognitive science with that of process methodologies - design and spatial constructs - architecture.

The workshop thus displays the theme of new space constructs relative to new social, cultural, spatial structures and flows as much as it operates on the level of language. In this manner it focus on the inherent logics of computation and communication technologies in the visualisation and formalisation of inFORMation processes in textual, graphical, spatial and multi-dimensional representations.


As a starting point of the workshop a schematic 3D model of the city of Antwerp is proposed in order to enlarge transform the mimic representation into a specific space within the electronic media while combining it to graphics, visuals, video and sound structures to be experienced in real-time multi-user online devices.

list of participating students:
Aerts Jan , Alpers Nicole , Baert Wim , Debacker Tom , Decorte Pieter , Doumpioti Cristina , Decorte Jeg , Koch Eva , Peeters Nick , PĂ©rez Morales Javier , Poorters Kim , Rogge Kirstin , Stockbroekx Koen , Suykerbuyk Filip , Swaenepoel Thomas , Veeckmans Heidi , Verbrugghe Stijn , Vermang Els , Vlassak Pieter , Wils Peter , Zaroukas Manos

about ADSL

ADSL is an international event, which aims to stimulate cross boundry thinking in design, and to familiarize students with an interdisciplinary approach to design problems.

It is a one-week event taking place January 27th to 31 2003. Each invited workshop-leader organized a one-week workshop on a particular design-related subject.Students subscribe to one workshop and follow its complete programme,up to the presentation on Friday afternoon.

The Antwerp Design Seminars and Lectures intend to act as a forum for staff and student exchange on an international level.At the same time it is an informal platform to discuss actual problems related to design education. The Antwerp Design Seminars and Lectures have a wide ranging scope from research and problem-solving case studies to practical training of specific skills and/or methods.



The participants for the 2002 editions were:
Professor Laura Lee from the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA ; Professor Ebbe Harder from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen ; Professor Augustin Ioan from the University of Bucharest ; Professors Constantin Spiridonidis and Maria Voyatzaki from the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki ; Professor James Horan Dean of the Department of Architecture of the Dublin University of Technology ; Architect Wim De Mul graduate from the AA School in London and Designer Michael Anastasiades graduate from Imperial College London ; Professor Ruth Morrow from the School of Architecture of the University of Sheffield ; Professor Jane Burnside from the Queen 's University in Belfast ; Professor Nur Caglar Vice-Head of the School of Architecture of the Gazi University in Ankara and Architect Richard Loyen graduate from the Welsh School of Architecture,University of Cardiff ; Manuel Abendroth LAb[au] Brussels.
The Antwerp Design Seminars and Lectures are an international event taking place each year at the Higher Institute of Architectural Sciences Henry van de Velde. Its aim is to stimulate cross boundary thinking in design,and to familiarize students with an interdisciplinary approach to design problems.

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