Mediaterra - LAb[au]

Medi@terra festival
Festival for Digital Culture

old international east airport Athens
Athens, Greece
06.12 - 16.12.2002

organised by:
Fournos, Center for the Art and the New Technologies

space navigable music, audio-visual performance

about the festival:

Medi@terra is an annual event which has taken place in Greece for the past three years. It was started on the initiative of the Fournos Centre for Art and New Technology and with the support of the Ministry of Culture. The events operate as an axis for the organisation, process and classification of information and data relating to contemporary culture and the new media, as well as for the support of artists, scientists, researchers and organisations working in this area.

The aim of the events, in the context of Mediaterra 02, is to promote environments that advance communication and the universality of culture and to demarcate, record and project new standards of artistic expression and communication.

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