MadreTTor workspaze - LAb[au]

spa[z]e music
workshop: LAb[au] and invited musicains
24.09 - 04.09.2002

Off Corso, Rotterdam The Netherlands

workshop in the context of :
the MadreTTor festival

about the workshop:
During ten days the work_spa[z]e is conceived as an open platform, where the invited musicians with lab[au] will compose spa[z]e-music. Each visitor will so have the possibility to look 'behind the screen' - the setting up of programming space and music.

The work_spaze is intended to provide the public with a better understanding of the interrelation of musical patterns to the inherent logics of electronic space and navigation, while having at the same time the possibility for them to experiment with the project in the multi-user installation and to navigate with the musicians in the sonic space.

In this manner the work_spa[z]e is besides the conferences about 'sonic space' and '' an invitation to get into the constructs of navigable music, sharable networked information spaces.

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