Les cinemas du futur - LAb[au]

Les cinémas du futur
group exhibition
15.03 - 23.03.2002

Pass, Mons Belgium
Espace Sculfort, Maubeuge France

Pass Mons: LAb[au] _ space navigable music installation
Espace Sculfort: LAb[au] _ space navigable music online version

About the exhibition:
Due to the technological progress cinema is devoted to evolve in the next decay; parallel to its most likely increasing industrialization another alternative starts to show up: the redefinition of the relation between the viewer and the film. A relation in which a strong physical involvement of the audience can take place and for which new types of scenarios will be needed. Are these forms involving immersive, labyrinth or interactive elements these new cinematic constructs involve multiple ongoing researches and new forms of authorship. The exhibition displays how artists rethink the cinema of the future.

Invited artists:
Luc Courchesne (living by numbers - paysage nr.1), Zhenjun Du (il me fait mal chaque minute - j'ai efface vos traces), Time's up (body spin), Pierre Allio (alloscopy), Romy Achituv (BeNowHere), Jeffrey Shaw (cinema - Place Ruhr and Le Veau d'or), LAb[au] (space navigable music), Miquel Rotschild (Les larmes assassins)

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