Emergenes 02 - LAb[au]

Villette Emergences
24.09 _ 28.09.2002

La Maison de la Villette, Paris [ F ]

following an invitation by:

en 3+4 jeu x 3, interactive scenic device
space navigable music, audiovisual performance

about the festival:
For two weeks, La Maison de la Villette will be turned into a kind of laboratory for the new forms of art: a place of creation and experimentation, a forum for exchange between artists, research scientists and engineers, emerging venues and groups of artists. In the evenings, La Maison de la Villette will take the form of an immense interactive installation, where the public is plunged into an immerged space that takes over the whole building.

The public will be free to wander between shows, installations and performances, in a cabaret of technology featuring the world of scientific imagination and things it has created: a den of multimedia curiosities, a menagerie of robots and other technological freaks ...
This project, which is being co-ordinated by the association D├ędale, is an initiative of the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs for Ile-de-France and the French Ministry of Culture.

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