Cybersonica 2002 - LAb[au]

Cybersonica Symposium

ICA Institute of Contemporary Art
The Mall, London SW1 [UK]

featuring an artist presentation by:
LAb[au], Alexandre Plennevaux
about: sonic space

LAb[au] invited with the space navigable music project for the cybersonica festival to participate in the symposium and a presentation of the online project space navigable music as a permanent installation , sound toys exhibition during the festival.

about the symposium:
The Cybersonica symposium is a gathering of some of the leading innovative musicians, sound artists, broadcasters, software and hardware developers working within the realms of contemporary sound art. There will be presentations and demonstrations of software and instruments as well as the latest research.

The first day introduced by John Eacott and Prof. Mark D'Inverno of the University of Westminster focuses on the practice of sound art, live performance methods, algorithmic and generative composition, spatial sound, networked performance, new instruments and interfaces and includes a keynote presentation by Michel Waisvisz, composer / performer and head of STEIM performance research studios in Holland.


Day two opens on the theme of interactive sound and audiences and includes a panel hosted by Dan Gardenfors of the Interactive Institute, Malmo. This is followed in the afternoon session by a discussion on copyright and the commerce of new sound media hosted by Dr. Richard Barbrook from University of Westminster's Hypermedia Research Center.

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