infoscapes - cityscapes - LAb[au]

Interventions in Spheres

Palais Attems, Graz Austria

conference: LAb[au], Jérôme Decock
infoscapes / cityscapes

other panelists:
Knowbotic Research: Mental imMigration, Frankfurt, Zürich
Karl-Heinz Klopf and Sigrid Kurz: SCREEN TEST : IN SPACE, Wien
Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber: Major Leisure, Wien

presentation text:

In the context of the 5th graz biennial on media and architecture 07-11 November 2001 about 100 works on new media are presented, which document and reflect contemporary architecture and urban presentnesses. The connection of these reflections with both conferences Cityscapes - Imagineering the Urban Condition and Infoscapes - Processing Information / Communicating Architecture lets the biennial become a discouvery journey for people interested in art and architecture.

Out of the large program we want to introduce the conference Infoscapes and invite you to take part in the biennial in Graz.
Infoscapes - New Spaces - New Strategies for Communicating Architecture? Infoscapes presents 26 items and projects by architects, artists, designers and curators, who have addressed the


opportunities for the mediation of architecture and urbanism offered by the new media.

full conference program:

Infoscapes Panel I: City Cartography - Informational Navigation
Palais Attems, Donnerstag / Thursday 8.November 10.00
IFAU & Ulrich Königs: modell O'Brien, Berlin, Köln
Gruppo a12, Udo Noll & Peter Scupelli: Parole, Genua, Köln
Paula Roush: Frankfurtress Ghetto Blast, London
Fumio Matsumoto & Akira Wakita: CT / City Tomography, Tokio
Annette Weintraub: Crossroads, Los Angeles
Stanza: The Central City, London
Superflex: Superchannel, Kopenhagen

Infoscapes Panel II: Architecture: Forms of Mediation and Representation
Palais Attems, Donnerstag/ Thursday 8. November 11.30
FAT: FAT Channel, London
Gernot Ritter: Unit One, Graz
Hrvoje Njiric: hOrtus / YokohaMa, Laibach
Michaela Busenkell: a-matter, München
Bnode Architecture: Bnode Web, New York
Group for Architecture:, Rotterdam
Next Architects: NEXT Architecture, Rotterdam


Degre Zero Architecture: Degre Zero, Paris, New York
A. Filetin, I. Milat, K. Rogina & V. Penezic: Penezic & Rogina - Tokyo Works, Zagreb
Infoscapes Panel III: New Spaces - New Strategies? Inventing New Moves
Palais Attems, Donnerstag / Thursday 8. November 14.30
Aaron Betsky, Director of the Museum of Architecture, Rotterdam
Steve Dietz, Director of New Media Initiatives, Walker Art Center
Dirk De Witt, Curator and Producer
Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum
Monika Fleischmann, Head of MARS - Media Art Research Studies, GMD Institute for Media
Communication in Sankt Augustin, Germany
Gerfried Stocker, Director of the Ars Electronica Festival
Infoscapes Panel IV: Interventions in Spheres
Palais Attems, Donnerstag / Thursday 8. November 16.30
Knowbotic Research: Mental imMigration, Frankfurt, Zürich
Karl-Heinz Klopf & Sigrid Kurz: SCREEN TEST : IN SPACE, Wien
Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber: Major Leisure, Wien
LAb[au]: Cityscapes Interface, Brüssel

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