etopia - LAb[au]

etopia symposium
Kleine Arena Tempodrom

organised by :e-drom GbR
Andreas Strecker & Johannes Krug

LAb[au] participating in the panel:
music? extension of acoustic spaces
Manuel Abendroth, Carsten Nicolai, Dimitri Flegemann, Pit Schultz...

the symposium is also featuring:
space navigable music performance

+ concert transform
Carsten Nicolai, Frank Bretschneider, Olaf Bender _ rater noton

+ concert Erzatz

From December 14th until 15th the symposium E_TOPIA will take place in the Small Arena of the New Tempodrom which creates the technological and artistic basis for the first electronic arena in Berlin.

complete program:

Panel1: 14.12.2001 _ 11:30-13:00


Get in touch conception of digital art
Moderation: Andreas Broeckman with:
Susan Collins, Bernd Lintermann, Konrad Becker,

Panel2: 14.12.2001 _ 14:00-15:30
Music? The extension of the acoustic space
Moderation: Pit Schultz with:
Manuel Abendroth, Carsten Nicolai, Dimitri Hegemann, Zbrigniew Karkowski

Panel3: 15.12.2001 _ 10:00-11:30
Moderation: Friedrich von Borries with:
Joachim Sauter, Claudius lazzeroni, Christian Graupner, Friedrich von Borries

Panel4: 15.12.2001 _ 11:30-13:00
Moderation: Andreas Lange with:
Andreas lange, Rolf Nohr, Katja Kamper, Herbert Fritsch

Panel5: 15.12.2001 _ 14:00-15:30
Who is acting?
Moderation: Martina Leeker with:
Klaus Nicolai, Herbert Fritsch, Christopher langer, palindrome, Susanne Jaschko

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