numer 2000 - LAb[au]

Numer 2000 _ emergence of a critical view on interactive design
in the context of ISEA 2000, Paris

at: Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-arts, Paris

Invitation by: Pierre Lavoie and Olivier Koechlin
Panel: MetaDesign
Panelists: LAb[au], Lev Manovich, Caesy Reas, Julie Morel, Minna Tarkka

presented projects LAb[au]:
i-tube - mnemtic space
space navigable music

Design is a process, and a process can be designed : design can thus be designed. The designer takes a step back to get a critical view of his role and his practice, and he redesigns them.

abstract: LAb[au]:
inFORMation processes, computation and transmission, influence organisation models (modes of production, work and knowledge) and affect communication processes (code, symbol), social relations as well as their spatialisation. Eventually, the passage from analog to digital technology leads to the fundamental re-thinking of the organization and definition of space as well as their forms of representation, such as architecture and urbanism.

Such transposition of inFORMation processes in textual, graphical, three-dimensional and n-dimensional forms, constitutes a metadesign exploring new space constructs proper to the


electronic medium and outlines the spatial and semantic mutation of our environment operated by technologies. Metadesign is founded on a technology and media determinism that constitutes the main vector/thought in the perception and conception of networked, information-based societies.

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