The Nonsense Society is both a gallery and a community. It features the work of many talented independent and freelance artists, musicians, filmmakers, and authors. The only requirement to be a part of the Nonsense Society is the quality of your work! Great artists are hidden behind every corner. The Nonsense Society does not care if you are an accountant, a graphic designer, or a garbage man. If you have art, show it!

Get Involved!
Send us your submissions and you could have your work featured in our collection. We will review your work and decide if it is a fit for the Nonsense Society. We look for extraordinary talent and potential. The Nonsense Society is filled with artists who love art and want to share it with the world. Feel free to critique the work of all our artists and approach them about your ideas. The Nonsense Society helps artists share their work and get noticed. This is a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

The Nonsense Society was created by Chris Collins.

Chris is an artist, musician, filmmaker, and author. from Massachusetts, USA.