Dexia Tower and the light fantastic -2

..."Now it has become a beacon, a proud signal of a reviving city and society, striving for avant-garde and helping people orientate and never wait in the dark ever again..

I hated the tower at first, especially because i saw it for way too long, and it was going nowhere but up, now with the permanent light-installation is has become more an object of joy than a too big (compared to it's surroundings) tower wanting to be seen.

interactive visual skyscraper

So ... seems the Blinkenlights project is all growed up now! I know, the two aren't related, but it's nice to see the idea taken further.

Dexia Tower and the light fantastic

In Brussels at the weekend (the family and I having decided to test out the St Pancras Eurostar experience), the chips, the chocolate and the Atomium were all good fun, but the highlight (forgive the pun) was the Dexia Tower – 38 floors and 150,000 LEDs equal one hell of a light show.

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