SignalToNoise at Lieu Unique

C'est dans un ballet sonique de cliquetis mécanique que Signal to Noise nous invite au voyage empreint de nostalgie.

Signal to Noise

Signal to Noise
'...The Belgian art collective LAb[au] has resurrected old split-flap display technology from a European train station and computer-engineered 512 pieces so they randomly flip through letters, only pausing when the program coincidentally generates an English word of three letters or more that it will recognize from its dictionary. Encircled by the once-familiar clicking sound of those flipping letters, the viewer may be gripped by nostalgia for the pre-digital jet age – or grasp some deeper meaning about information and globalization.'
The Globe

Signal To Noise

This work is awesome. Absolutely one of the best "media-oriented" works created during last 3 years. In my opinion... but I'm pretty sure ;-)

Rotating Letters, Flapping Noise

UPDATE: JUNE 10 I have just come back from the Toronto airport, where this work is installed. The noise is actually much softer than on the video, and anngrafics is right. It does indeed sound most like rain – or perhaps the sound of distant typing by a great many people, in a far away typing pool. You had to wait to step near enough to the installation to hear it. Very very popular, on a main concourse in the Air Canada terminal, on the way to overseas gates.

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