LAb[au] 2014
development: Culture Crew

system: analytic
download link:

chronoApp is an app conceived by LAb[au] accompanying the likely named light artwork. Chrono relates the basic units of time (hours, minutes and seconds) with the primary colors of light (red, green and blue). Any given point of time can be expressed as the sum of the specific values of the hours, minutes and seconds, and be represented by a monochrome obtained by summing up the specific values of red, green, and blue. At sunset, the RGB values reach their minimal level, yielding black. At sunrise, they reach their maximum, yielding white.
As time evolves between sunset and sunrise, the color evolves between these two extremes. As the length of the night evolves in the course of a year and depends on the location on earth, consequently the color of a given point of time on a given day will depend on these contextual values. So the monochrome evolves in function of time and space. chronoApp visualizes the current colour at its current place for the current time.

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