0r1gam1, form studies

3d printed reliefs

LAb[au] 2014

the form studies are formal researches of geometric patterns for the 0r1gam1, kinetic paper artworks. Each 3d print is a unique example of the folding logic's and geometric principles. The tiling is achieved by 3d printed elements following the possible positions the paper tiles can take.

list of studies:
0r1gam1 1/4 square, variation 01
0r1gam1 1/4 square, variation 02
0r1gam1 hexa, variation 01
0r1gam1 hexa, variation 02
0r1gam1 helix, variation 01
0r1gam1 helix, variation 01
0r1gam1 rombus, variation 01

a serie of aperiodic tilings is in process.

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