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Frame Publishers, Amsterdam, is an independent publishing house specialized in the fields of interior, architecture and design. Frame: the Great Indoors is a bi-monthly magazine, dedicated to interior design for commercial and cultural interiors, such as shops, exhibitions, offices, and restaurants. In October 2005 a brand new Architectural magazine was launched, Mark: Another Architecture. Last but not least, Frame publishes a series of design books; some well-known titles are Material World and Material World. All publications are in English. Frame books are distributed worldwide by Birkhäuser Architectural Publishers.

Frame is the world's leading trade magazine about interior and product design. Frame is the world's barometer of interior design. The magazine shows you what's happening and where to find it. The latest interiors and products, spiced up with some art, shop windows and sets: that's the essence of Frame magazine.

We gather the most interesting work from around the globe and package it in six tactile issues a year. Since we believe that our readers are first and foremost viewers who like to 'read' images, the magazine focuses on photos and drawings. We don't neglect text, however. In fact, we put a lot of energy in finding the story behind each design we publish. We write these stories in easy-to-understand, down-to-earth English. Loaded with nothing but the best in contemporary design, Frame is an inspiring and indispensable reference for professionals in interior design and other creative pursuits.

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