Launched in May 2006 as a blog, TrendsNow is an online magazine focusing on current trends in the fields of design, graphic design, fashion and innovation. Given the success the site has been evolving over the years to be enriched by new services such as galleries for inspiration or even the JobsAlerts in 2009. More mature, more professional-driven content, the new version of TrendsNow is for creative professionals, design, architecture, fashion, communication, ... and aims to be a platform of inspiration and intelligence for all designers and marketers. Besides the online magazine, a community is through federated networks Facebook and Twitter , and news are also available via RSS .

Created and maintained by the agency Strasbourg Decys on a WordPress platform and hosted on a dedicated server infrastructure, TrendsNow is updated daily with news, features and exclusive interviews, written by a network of editors who are passionate about the universe creation and new trends.

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