Christoph Kronhagel

Christopher Kronhagel studied architecture at the RWTH University of Aachen. During his studies he developed an interdisciplinary way of working that enabled him to use all possibilities of visual designing. His ambition was to understand architecture as a medium for communication: How is it possible to reflect societal conditions in a way that the citizens will be provided with a sensual orientation?

In 1991 the company ag4 was established as a consortium for four dimensional constructions. Ag4 grew into an interdisciplinary company that creates media architectural projects which enable companies like, BMW, Aventis and Merck Serono, to communicate their identity in public space. Today the business is managed by Christoph Kronhagel and Ralf Mueller.

The idea of transparent media façades was realised in 2004 when ag4 developed the application of LED`s that made it possible to design and install the first transparent media façade for the T-Mobile company in Bonn.

Kronhagel has not only developed the creative integration of the media technique, but has also designed the content of the media design. Kronhagel has thereby succeeded in pursuing his ambition, which was to integrate and combine commerce and communication with art, in public space.

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