The media-space programme is a pilot project of Wand 5 of a future media space, which is used continually to connect online- and real-life-activities.The media-space-programme examines the relations between architectural and social space, practice of exhibition and new media. It shows innovative projects, trying to experience online-activities in context of real space. At the four days of conference experts of the different fields of net-culture, architecture, exhibition-design, stage-set, music, exhibition-conception and information technology meet and give talks. Media-Space is part of the Stuttgarter Filmwinter, an internationally renowned Film festival that features short film, experimental film and new media, is starting now an online curator discussion to establish a new experimental space and built up the program fort the show in January.The Filmwinter Stuttgart and Media Space are held and organized by Wand 5 e.V. founded in 1987 as an initiative of filmmakers, architects and art historians. The aim of the organization is to offer an international platform to independent film and media culture.