TECHNARTE is an international conference on art and technology that seeks to become the most important event of its kind. The aims are to present technological developments that enhance a broader expression of modern art, and to provide a forum for debate and reflection on the convergence between technology and art.

Modern art, stimulated and encouraged by new technologies and its own impetus for innovation, is advancing in a surprising manner. Art and technology, science and creativity are influencing each other, and that influence has proved extremely fruitful over the last few decades to the point where the two disciplines now seem inextricably joined. The Innovalia Association, a non-profit-making organization, wishes to reflect that artistic fusion, and from that wish TECHNARTE was born as a conference where the most important thinkers in the sector and the most advanced technologists can be heard. It is aimed at specialists in all areas of art, including artists, gallery owners, museum staff, teachers, public authorities, foundations, events, etc.