Tasarim magazine which is being published for 20 years with 10 issues a year by Tasarim Publishing Group has sheltered more than 2.00 projects up to now. The magazine which has been renewing itself since 1989 seizes the day and keeps up its interdisciplinary identity, with a unique topic each month. Tasar?m which is published bilingually represents rapidly changing social and cultural trends to the users continuously with same degree of dynamism.

What constitutes Tasarim is not the crew in its own constitution only; what renders it different is the participance of sector representatives, architects, students and diverse people from different segments. It is in this sense that Tasar?m is a magazine that becomes one with its readers. The magazine which is composed of topics determined according to the needs of the sector is keeping up in the pursuit of responding more to the needs and wants of the users. Tasarim which calls for proffessionals with its rich project content is a source that is recommended in universities with the contributions of lecturers. The magazine which also places competitions in its pages always follows most innovative, unique, creative works. While forming up a bridge between the world and the Turkish architecture in the areas of architecture, interior design and industrial design, it also functions as a point of association with the projects it publishes.

The magazine which reveals the world of architecture with all its dimensions has the justified pride of being a leader in this area. During your journey between the pages of the magazine, you'll come across: drawings and images of local and international projects, designer profiles, spaces, urban design, environmental problems, history of architecture, academic texts, observations&comments, student projects, restoration and landscape, furniture design, industrial design, visual arts, construction materials, architectural news, competititon-exhibition-seminars.