Parramon Ediciones

Parramon Ediciones is a subsidiary of the Grupo Norma (Norma Publishing Group), a company that specializes in the publication and marketing of books.

Parramón Ediciones, S.A., was founded in 1959, initially as a centre for correspondence courses. Of the various courses given by the centre, the drawing and painting one was the most successful, with about 8,000 pupils matriculated and studying in Spain.

This course was set up by José Ma Parramón, founder and director of Parramón Ediciones, as well as Fine Arts teacher, painter and renowned Art educationalist.

The first books were published in 1968, based on the educational materials used in the drawing and painting course and grouping under subject headings many of the classes given.

These books were the start of the first collection "Painting and Drawing", with which thousands of people throughout the world have learned to paint. Over time, new collections expanded our list on the teaching of drawing and painting and established us as the world's leading publisher of books in this field. At present, there is a wide range of collections and books in different formats and at varying levels of difficulty. These delve, with didactic purpose, into the various styles and subjects of drawing and painting with ample illustrations.

Parramón Ediciones S.A. is also known worldwide for its professional books on artistic crafts, in which all the various working techniques are explained step by step and with copious illustrations. Publications for more elementary levels are also part of the current catalogue, with collections and books on handicrafts and the decorative arts.