MediaRuimte '01t XYZ' is a gallery for electronic arts in downtown Brussels, founded in autumn 2003 and run by LAb[au]. With a program ranging from exhibitions, screenings, audiovisual performances and conferences, to artist-residences, workshops and LAb[au]'s own R&D, MediaRuimte is as much a platform for presentation as creation, where LAb[au]'s artistic and technological know-how is acting as support through a transmedial, interdisciplinary and collaborative approach.

MediaRuimte (Dutch for 'MediaSpace' and '01t (=media) XYZ (=space), should be understood as space as a medium to stage the digital medium and its multiple forms of expression, such as MR+ (MediaRuimte abbreviation to MR., say 'Mister') .xpo, .mov, .ini, .wav, .txt, .www, .tmp and .exe - hence the labelling of its broad range of activities.

It's located in a former fifties store with mezzanine and a 2-storeys high shop window, combining a transparent white exhibition space upstairs and a enclosed black performance space downstairs. MediaRuimte stages approximately 4 shows a year, each of them accompanied by a contextual program.

LAb[au]'s gallery is internationally renown for its both avant-garde as cutting-edge features of artists ranging from Manfred Mohr to Nicolas Schöffer, Casey Reas to Limiteazero and Frank Bretschneider to Patric Catani among many others. Its artist-in-residency productions acquired numerous international art prizes.

MediaRuimte holds both the Flemish as the Walloon Government's cultural trademark and is recognised as an established venue within the national and international cultural landscape.