Media Facades Festival

Media Facades Festival Europe 2010
Connected Screens: Berlin - Brussels - Helsinki - Liverpool - Budapest - Linz - Madrid The format of the MEDIA FACADE FESTIVAL reflects on the increasing presence of massive-infrastructures with digital visual elements in public spaces while investigating their communicative function in the urban environment.

MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL EUROPE 2010 will explore the networked possibilities of urban screens and media facades via internet and the new technologies on a European level. The festival encourages art projects that create a dialogue to connect the local public virtually with the other places through the networked infrastructure of digital screens and media facades. It aspires to share dreams of the different cities and report about local issues and exchange peoples' stories and ideas in Europe-wide 'Joint Broadcasting Events' starting on 27 August 2010.
The media facades will be transformed into local stages and open a global window for cultural and societal processes throughout Europe.

Its long-term vision is to be a catalyst for the creation of a sustainable and transportable structure where artists, cultural professionals, arts organizations, cultural institutions, governmental bodies, private and commercial businesses, media and the general public, within Europe and beyond, can interact through the development of a new cultural communication format in the public space.