Limiteazero is an architecture, design and media art studio based in Milan, Italy, founded in 1998 by Paolo Rigamonti and Silvio Mondino.

Limiteazero's areas of expertise include: installations design, responsive environment design, crossmedia design for retail, media in architecture and public space, interaction design. The studio works both on independent research projects and commissioned installations, for clients like Toshiba, BlackBerry, Alberto Aspesi, Nice, Siemens, Samsung, Toyota, National Geographic, Antonio Citterio & Partners.

In its experimental activity, it manages to mix different languages and areas of expertise, from architecture to media communication, design and art, from Italian design and craft tradition to electronic aesthetics.

Limit : mathematical concept based on the idea of proximity, basically used to give values to certain functions in points where no value is defined, so that they can be coherent with the nearest ones.

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