La Gaite Lyrique

La Gaite Lyrique
At the crossroads of artistic disciplines

La Gaîté lyrique explores all forms of digital culture: film-making, animation film-making, theatre, dance, circus, music, visual arts, design, graphic design, motion design, musical film, architecture, computer programming, software art, web, games, fashion, etc. As well as all those which we haven't named yet...

La Gaîté lyrique adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to all these creative fields, helping to foster connections and relationships between them. What is at stake is really the exploration of a new dimension, which is being created by these arts and technologies right before our eyes. The programs are diversified, eclectic and sustained. From well known personalities to young, emerging artists, the programs respect a balance with regards to fame and generations in their lineup. They emphasize the merging of different disciplines. The programs are in touch with the ceaseless redefinition of artistic and cultural fields due to digital practices. Local, global, glocal

La Gaîté lyrique aims to be a cultural institution which is recognized locally, nationally and internationally for its design and cutting edge equipments as well as for its programs and the artistic productions that it supports. Becoming part of an international cultural network will be achieved by regularly hosting the best in foreign digital culture as well being represented overseas in the framework of the numerous partnerships we have established.

Establishing itself at the heart of the French cultural landscape, la Gaîté lyrique is forming strong links with personalities and institutions across the country. Universities, research centers, festivals, labels, magazines as well as interesting and pioneering sites have their place in the evolution of la Gaîté lyrique.
Finally , the founding principle of the project is the scope of influence in the Parisian landscape, through events and activities organized for local audiences, and collaboration with emerging or institutionalized networks.