La Ferme du Buisson

La Ferme du Buisson, Scène nationale de Marne la Vallée

This frenetic Art and Cultural centre's unusual diary of events traces current developments in the art world. A real hotbed for the arts. Inside this slightly unusual old "farm", contemporary art exhibitions are organized in the stables, rock and world music concerts take place around the drinking trough and contemporary ballets are performed in the loft! This gigantic site with the rustic 19th-century architecture of its red and grey-brick buildings was totally renovated into an art centre for "cultural curiosities", as it describes itself. Here, every discipline of contemporary art is represented in an explosion of shows, installations and open-air presentations. A profusion of well-honed and innovative events, in which emerging artists are strongly promoted (and invited to actually create works inside the centre, as part of a residency). To make this ambitious diary of events available to everyone, the Ferme du Buisson organizes meetings with artists, themed days (the famous "weekends on the farm"), retrospectives, as well as the European "Temps d'Images" festival, dedicated to the arts of the stage and the image (in October). A dynamic cultural policy, which has earned it "Scène nationale" (national stage) certification.