The ERG is an open-minded art school with a global outlook on society and its diversity. Its educational method is open and rigorous in its different multidisciplinary theoretical and practical approaches. Each student makes his/her own way without shutting him/herself up within the limits of traditional schools.

Before opting for a specialization, students first choose to register in a higher art school offering an educational project that is unique in the "Communauté française de Belgique". The ERG's educational project based on multidisciplinarity aims to encourage students to adopt a personal approach and develop a unique and original project, which will be his/her distinctive mark in his/her future professional life. The ERG is very attentive to the development of all individual students who during their studies will have to find courses that are best suited to their needs and to the evolution of their personal work.

Through different means and mechanisms, The ERG offers students the possibility to create their own programme.