Art Grandeur Nature

Biennal Art Grandeur Nature is a contemporary art biennial organized by the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis since 1993. Its aim is to produce and show original artworks of French and international artists in contexts which are not traditionally devoted to artistic expressions and thus gives a broad audience the opportunity to discover contemporary culture. For this years 9th edition which is entitled « Zones Urbaines Partagées » (Shared Urban Zones), six local art institutions - Le Forum, Khiasma, La Galerie, Les Instants Chavirés, Périphérie and Synesthésie - have been invited to propose art projects which explore the social, industrial and urban reality of the Seine-Saint-Denis department. Conceived as a continuation of the 2006 edition of the Biennial, around twenty site specific artworks question various ways of inhabiting suburban space today. They explore issues like flow and mobility which evoke as well dynamism and sociability as precariousness generating new ways of living, producing and interacting in public space.