Anne Huybrechts (Commission Arts numériques de la Communauté française de Belgique)

A dual support for digital art is organised in French Speaking Community of Belgium :

On one hand, two "digital arts" organisations are financially supported (Transcultures in Mons and Imal in Brussels) in order to welcome artists, produce and promote digital art.

On the other hand, artists and organisation living in French Speaking Community of Belgium (Brussels+Wallonia) may submit their projects for "numeric art works" projects all year long. Four kind of grants are proposed:
- conception (up to 5.000 euros) and production (up to 25.000 euros) grants
- promotion and distribution grants (up to 4.000 euros)
- grant for "events" (festival, exhibition, workshops,...)
With a total amount of 176.500 euros in 2009
The requests are submitted to a specific board composed of professionals (among them, artists, teachers and producers,..) who then make financial proposals to the Minister of Culture. This board is also requested to advise the Minister in the field of digital arts.
The art works taken into account must be interactive, and present innovation aspects.

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