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404 Festival", born in the city of Rosario in December 2004, is an independent non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote and spread artistic productions around the world in the ┬Čeld of electronic art, generating a production environment in which the authors are interrelated. Over its many editions, it has received support of high level organisations, such as UNESCO, the Mondriaan Foundation, The Council of Quebec and the Secretariat of the Presidency of Argentina among many others. It has also had the participation of hundreds of artists in different disciplines that each year mark a trend in the field of art, surprising both the public from various countries and the artists themselves. One of the main characteristic that can be observed during the performance of the 404 is the high level of relationship between participating artists and the organizers (also artists), generating a space that has become a powerhouse of ideas and production. A great example of this has been the festival's various promotional spots of 404 and works that have been presented together by artists who have met in there.

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