The Centre for New Media Culture

Recently founded Centre for new media culture in Riga - the RIXC is the joint effort of a number of independent local cultural groups working in the fields of new media, art, film, music, youth culture and the social projects. The founders of RIXC are E-LAB - Electronic Arts and Media Centre (, LOCOMOTIVE- film studio ( and BALTIC CENTER - NGO for education and social development; members and partners include: SVAIGS99% (,, Djs AG & Raitis, VARKA CREW, F5, OPEN, CLAUSTHOME, ORBITA (, K@2 (, and others.

The aim of the centre is to bridge the traditional gap between 'high' and popular culture and the divisions between various youth, sub- and minority cultures. The RIXC intends to become a meeting place for different types of culture on local and international scale.
The main fields of activities include:
- organising of public events (festivals, workshops, performances, club events, etc.)
- Media lab - production space, where different artistic disciplines can meet and collaborate (video, film, audio, cd-rom and web design, electronic music,...)
- Training programmes - specially geared towards specific target groups (artists, young people, minorities and local ethnical groups, administrators and managers of the media centres, etc.)
- Educational and social programmes
- Research into the fields of new media and culture, particularly in streaming media (developing of Acoustic space research programme).

RIXC is the member of NICE network (Nordic-Baltic-North-East European network for small scale innovative initiatives in the field of new media culture (, and takes part in other international and cross disciplinary networks, co-projects and mailing-lists in the field of new media culture in Europe, Canada and other parts of the world.

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