RESFEST is an annual, global festival dedicated to showcasing innovative film, music, art, design and technology. Designed to support and inspire emerging talent, the festival kicks off each fall in the United States, and then journeys worldwide to over a dozen cities across six continents, building a global network of creators and audiences. The festival has supported breaking new talent, hosted visionary filmmakers, and pushed boundaries to rethink the visual language of cinema.

Since its founding in 1996, RESFEST has been both an artistic and technological pioneer. RESFEST was the world's first global event to champion desktop tools designed to empower the independent creator. Since then, the festival has evolved in response to the convergence of film, music, design, fashion and art. RESFEST is now the home for an even wider international cultural movement being created by the collision of creative disciplines.

The Seventh Annual RESFEST will travel with its program of innovative video works to over 15 cities in nine countries, among others San Francisco, LA, Washington D.C., NY, Toronto, Chicago, Barcelona, São Paolo, Cape Town, London, Seoul, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Melbourne and Osaka.

The Festival showcases the year's best short films _ ranging from "By Design," showcasing experimental design films, to "Off the Map," a program of inventive shorts, music videos as well as retrospectives, and animation through a mix of screenings, parties, seminars, and live music events.

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Nabi Art Center

The Art Center Nabi is an art museum in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea which was founded in December 2000 as a non-profit center for new media art. It aims to nurture creativity through intercommunication among various fields of research and experiments, such as pure and applied sciences, technology and art. Nabi is engaged in research, education, production and exhibition of work exploring new possibilities of creation, education, and exhibition. The Art Center Nabi has been in the forefront of the convergence of art and media technologies in South Korea.

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