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IMage is a structure devoted to the architectural communication development. Among its main targets, there is the elaboration and the realization of works and initiatives useful to the growth of a reflection about the role of the digital tecnologies in the production, comunication and exploitation of architecture. The growth and diffusion of information systems place architecture in a transformation stage. The media and the visual tecnologies are getting a more and more decisive role in the architectural production processes and that requests a critical reflection and the statement of innovative strategies. A conscious use of comunication systems can be an effective tool for the knowledge exploitation, and development of contemporary architecture. IMAGE activity is directed to the growth of architecture as a science as well as to the growth of the architectural professionality within the larger task of promoting architectural culture in Italy and in the world. IMAGE is the operative organizer of the International Festival for Architecture in Video, annual event cared by The PMPE Department of the University of Florence, School of Architecture, devoted to the architecture comunication through the screen.

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