polygon den[c]ity

polygon den[c]ity:
polygon - basic unit of any 3d modeling program / electronic space
density: as well a concept of architecture than of music
danse: music
city: architecture

The project title plays on two different levels of understanding: a first direct one - to work on the interrelation between 'music' and 'the city' - (danse city) and a second more abstract one: 'density'* qualifying contemporary architectural and sonic concepts.

In this play between the two level of signification the title also express the general idee of the project where : the starting point, a schematic 3D model of a city is proposed to musicians, architects and visual artists in order to enlarge transform the mimic representation into a specific one within the electronic media while combining it to graphics, visuals, video and sound structures. Density as a generic concepts linking space and sound constitutes a conceptual frame of the workshop in the aim to transform mimic spatial and sonic representation (the city) to specific one of e.space based on fondamental principales which also bridges the gap between the idea of real and virtual.